lets talk about sex

I don’t venture out most days when I’m on SL. But some days I feel brave and go to a club with good music and park myself in a dance and sorta keep an eye on chat while I edit a picture or browse Facebook or Plurk.

My profile is a minimalist style. I enjoy reading profiles but it if there is so much info in there, I just close it up and move on. Who has time for that? Even if I have the time. My SL profile says “I am exactly who they say I am”. It is a bit tongue in the cheek really, because I’m nobody and no one says anything about me. But, it does make for very interesting conversation openers.

There was… “who do they say you are?” and “so you’re ARE a slut”. I just confirm that I am and see where it goes from there. I guess I bring it on myself, but is there anything else that guys talk about? Do people really just have sex with random people on SL? I had this guy say to me that he lost his mojo the past few weeks, but in his four years in SL, he had sex with 200 partners. It got him through lockdown and ” come on! Lets get it on”. I replied that he has definitely lost his mojo and needs to keep practicing.

That did make me wonder if is it true, not the 200 partners, but do people just have random virtual sex? Someone they have absolutely no connection with? I sort of get it when you are in a RL club, the vibe, the drinks and then hooking up with someone, but online? I’m not sure. May need to get out more.

Below is just me being thoughtful.

I learned something new today

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