at my finest

This morning was one of those mornings. I woke up way too early and fell asleep just as I was about to get up. So when I did get up, I was in really still sleeping. So doing the things I had to do in the mornings I was surprised that I actually had time to eat breakfast and water the plant babies. Feeling very happy and relaxed when I know I should really be in a rush, but taking it cos you know… how often are you happy and relaxed in the morning. 

That was until I walked into the office. Not only did I forget to any put jewellery on, I’ve put mascara on only one eye. It also slipped my mind to prepare and bring my lunch (what!!??) and of course my phone was left at home too. On the bright side, I did not put two different shoes on… yup that has happened before. Not only did I put different shoes on the last time, but I was standing at the printer looking at my shoes and was wondering what was off… not even realising! Only much later, after I have been through the office a few times I sat on my chair, and it just hit me… not one of my finest days.

But lets get back to today, I can cope with most of my slip ups today, but my vain self refuse to let me go without mascara on my one eye… It is really noticeable since I have blonde eyelashes and I wear black mascara. I’m not going to do the Cruella look today! I had to slip out and buy myself a new mascara, even though I don’t need it, but I’ll keep this one in my drawer at work for days like these. I need to start covering my bases. This is happening way too often.

Now just to get through the day without my phone… that in itself, is a massive challenge.

The picture doesn’t have much to do with this theme, but hey that’s food I don’t have today. 

bright mornings

worked from a cafe today

I always wanted to be like the people in the movies, where they sit in their favorite cafe and work away on their laptops. Always thought that was pretty cool, but it can only happen if you are self employed or working from home, right? And I’m one of those 9-5’ers that slog away the day.

Well today I was working from home and decided to try it. Goodness, I really loved it! I felt the buzz around me and it was just all happening. Such a weird thing to be excited about, but I had recently had very mild Covid and couldn’t go out as I was in isolation. I worked from hom and have to say, I actually miss the interaction with my colleagues. It also felt like my life was standing still while the world seemed to be moving on. So today, working from home (not sick anymore), I did it! I wrote a 12 page report and did it in a few hours. When I’m doing it at home or work, it takes me days! To be fair normally I’m also interrupted a million times.

Weird what a little change in location and inspiration can do.

This is just an old picture I took in 2018, not new, but it fitted the theme, so why not?

Apple Season

deer river spring

I want to apologise for two things from the start… the photo spam and the moodiness of the photos. I visited Deer River Spring and could not get enough. As soon as I think, right I have all the picks I can do, I see more photos opportunities. So I took them all.

Be warned that the sim is so stunning, there are tons of people around so they may photo bomb. I’m sure I photo bombed so many – sorry! The benefit of that is though that people stand nice and still so you can take a pic of them too and make them part of the scene, like this one with the bike. Thank you Bug for posing… although I have no idea who you are!

deer river spring

The only thing that made it hard for my style of photography was that there are a lot of yellow flowers around and trying to take a more fun, sunny, springy pic was hard for me. The yellow just made it too bright, hence the more moody pictures. In saying that, it is only because of what I like, it might work perfectly for other photographers and I also looked back on all my previous photos, and they all seemed to be moody. So there is that. I would 100% recommend you to have a nosy.

deer river spring 2

And then lastly, the horses, they look amazing and a few people were around were riding them and it looks so good. I actually tried to catch one in action, but it just didn’t set the scene. I will try one the next time I’m there, because I will definitely be back.

deer river 3

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late to the party

I know I’m really late to the party, but how good are those new Swallow ears? This is not a sponsored post by the way. I have been wearing Mandala ears for years, but recently I went to RichB to find the cross that I’m wearing on the side of my head and saw that you could buy accessories for Swallow ears. Another awesome thing about these ears is that you can buy (without cost) your skin to perfectly match what you are wearing. I totally recommend. It is super cute!

Lets try again

Hair: Magika – Amanda / Brows: [SB] EvoX Avalon* JE SA.L Brow and scar / Eye Shadow: WarPaint: Kintsugi Eyeshadow / Nose ring: B L A I S E Hinged Septum Ring / Ears: Swallow Gauged S lel Evo ears / Earrings: Vortex Earring / Top: Milota Ista Devata dress and top / Nails: Conviction Beast claws / ring: RichB Vick ring / Face tattoo eye liner: WarPaint Possession catliner, healed scar and undereye liner

Late to the party

do you believe in the stars

As a Capricorn, I’m a solid earth sign but that doesn’t prevent me frequently looking up at the stars. I love the stars. They’ve given the most amazing guidance, and you cans end them any wish, believe in your wish and it can come true.

Have you ever looked at the stars and wondered if you hearts person, maybe on the other side of the world or just in one town over, look at them and wonder if you see the same stars?

Every night, winter or summer, I sit outside to relax before bed with a hot or cold drink and process my day. Most nights I just gaze up to the stars, thankful for the day and dream about the future. Sometimes I put it out to the universe what I need and most times I just enjoy how pretty the stars are, even if covered with clouds, I know they are still there.

I recently read this: ‘Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world’

do you believe in the stars

lets talk about sex

I don’t venture out most days when I’m on SL. But some days I feel brave and go to a club with good music and park myself in a dance and sorta keep an eye on chat while I edit a picture or browse Facebook or Plurk.

My profile is a minimalist style. I enjoy reading profiles but it if there is so much info in there, I just close it up and move on. Who has time for that? Even if I have the time. My SL profile says “I am exactly who they say I am”. It is a bit tongue in the cheek really, because I’m nobody and no one says anything about me. But, it does make for very interesting conversation openers.

There was… “who do they say you are?” and “so you’re ARE a slut”. I just confirm that I am and see where it goes from there. I guess I bring it on myself, but is there anything else that guys talk about? Do people really just have sex with random people on SL? I had this guy say to me that he lost his mojo the past few weeks, but in his four years in SL, he had sex with 200 partners. It got him through lockdown and ” come on! Lets get it on”. I replied that he has definitely lost his mojo and needs to keep practicing.

That did make me wonder if is it true, not the 200 partners, but do people just have random virtual sex? Someone they have absolutely no connection with? I sort of get it when you are in a RL club, the vibe, the drinks and then hooking up with someone, but online? I’m not sure. May need to get out more.

Below is just me being thoughtful.

I learned something new today

has anything changed

In my previous post, I said that I’m not sure if I’m back, but I’m going to enjoy this stint while it lasts. I’ve been blogging for years before and did so many events. As a result my inventory ballooned. I had way more than a 100 000 items in my inventory. I always felt so bad deleting stuff. Then I basically stopped blogging and starting shopping – well I shopped while I blogged too.

I decided that I need to be a bit lighter and I spend hours going through my folders and deleting things I can’t wear anymore – because of mesh bodies and faces and just things I have no idea why I have it. I was pretty brutal. Oh the hairstyles I loved! But I will never wear them again because of the 12 year ago texture on them. It was time to let go of those too. I’m back on 37 057 items. This is an amazing feat.

And then I went shopping 😉

I ended up with this outfit and couldn’t take it off for probably two weeks.

Sometimes all I think about is you

The deeds:

Skin: The Skinnery – Antonia / Hair: Doux Christwo / Glasses: The Sugar Garden Smooches Shades / Eyebrows: SB EvoX Avalon Julia Earth Soft Arch / Eyes: WarPaint Kintsugi eyeshadow / Nose ring: Blaise Hinged Septum Ring / Fact Tattoo: Warpaint Possession / Necklace: Amias – Enise / Chest Piercing: .Pekka. Rake piercing (old piece) / Body Tattoo: Dappa – Rou Tattoo / Top and pants: ELEVEN Mini top and Short / Bracelet: RichB Love & Hate bracelet

The actual reason why I can’t take this off is how super cute it makes my butt look – am I right??

Never change a thing

It was fun doing this again. Have a good one!

Back?…probably not

Hi There

Am I back? Probably not. But I am in the mood to write. So here I am. I stopped this blog to start a new RL blog, but that didn’t even last as long as this one did. Looking back on my previous posts are actually quite fun and I can remember ever single emotion I had with almost every post. Love that about it.

Why am I here? I felt like telling you that I’m not really back in SL, but also I am. When I first logged on I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. The first five, six years I was obsessed. Not just mildly obsessed, I mean for real. I ate, dreamt, lived for SL. And then I became sad, and I wallowed in my sadness for years. SL is about making connections and being creative.

For a long time, I thought that I have to do both to be happy in SL. Making connections is something that I really struggled with. I enjoy SL because I can see other people’s creations, create an avi that I enjoy looking at. I can take pictures and play around in Photoshop and just give free reign to my creativity. And only recently realised that I don’t need connections. I’m normally tired after a long nine, ten hour day at my full time job and don’t feel like living up to someone else’s expectations at how often I had to IM them to see how they are doing. I’m normally there to wind down and relax. And the days that I feel like interaction I go to a club and talk to people. I have to be the only person on SL that honestly have no friends in my list and that is okay. I find that freeing where in the past, I would have felt guilty for not saying hi every time I see someone log in.

The place I’m the most active and you can find me, is probably Plurk. Check it out and join me there!


That pesky hair bases that won’t match

Hi Everyone!

I have not blogged in so many months. It is really nice to enjoy SL and not having any deadlines. All the new mesh heads, all the awesome new appliers! I can just play around with it all – in my own time. But I do have one issue that has been working on my nerves! I can’t seem to match hair bases or eye brows for that matter. And I keep changing my hair, so it’s an endless struggle.

Then I remembered that years and years ago before mesh…. actually wayyyyyy before mesh, N-core made amazing shoes (they still do) but we had to match the shoe feet skin to our skin ourselves. That was even before appliers. We saw so many stunning avis with pale skin and dark, dark feet LOL! Anyway then someone told me how to match my feet perfectly and I thought I might give it a try with my hair bases. So I went to look if Firestorm still had the same settings after all the updates. If you use firestorm and a Catwa head and are interested below is how you do it.

1. I suggest you set your windlight setting to Midday (Ctr + Shift + Y) or my personal preference – Nam’s Optimal Skin and prim windlight.

2. For optimal tinting I also suggest you deactivate your Nearby/Local lights and projectors setup. This is easily done by going to Preferences (Ctr + P) , then click on your “Graphics” tab, un-tick “local lights”, “Basic shaders” and “Atmospheric shaders”.

2. Ensure that your Advanced tab (Ctr + Alt + D) and  Developer tab (Ctr + Alt + Q) are activated.

The next bit is for Firestorm, but if you are on a different viewer, just look around in the Develop tab, there should be similar options.

3. Click on the Develop Tab, and choose “Show Info” from the menu, then click “Show color under cursor”.

You will notice that you have numbers at the bottom right of your screen. Hover over anything with your mouse, and the colors RGB numbers will show. Hover over the color you want to copy and make a note of the RGB numbers at the bottom right.

4. Open your Catwa main hud.

5. Go to the Alpha, Lashes, Tint, Neck-size tab, click on the little mouse as the picture below. You will get a pop-up, add the numbers, separated with commas, then click submit.

6. Then click on the hair base or lash icon and then on the color under the color range. Your hair base or eyebrows will change to the color your picked. You can also save the color. It is always good to start with a white base. Also you may have to play around with the blend modes a bit.


Below a picture of how it looks after I changed my hair base. It is a raw screenshot. I have not done any editing to it. If you have any trouble, just let me know, but please keep in mind, I’m not inworld often and I’m not checking WordPress that often anymore either. Sorry! that is why I have not blogged in ages!


Apologies for the long post but I hope this helps!

Have a good one.

Lola  xx