Week… bloody, week

I had the best weekend, which is now only a distant memory. I went skiing with friends (yes it’s still winter) although we have been having the most amazing days and the coldest nights. Ohh I also want to mention that I saw the first blossoms on the trees this morning! New life! Soon everything will come out of their winter slumber and nature will be buzzing again.

But, yeah, back at work and another bloody week… well if you take it literally, it’s not really that bad.

The pic below just happened. I saw the cutest shades from DirtyStories and the hair from ArGrace. Then I wanted a kind of grungy background but not too much, because apart from the blackness, I felt quite the flower child – not that you can see it on this pic, but I’m wearing a few roses!. The romper is from DRIFT and the rest of my accessories is also from DirtyStories. I really love her range.

Much love!

Week... bloody week

Tutorial: How to make your avatar pop

This is my first tutorial in Photoshop and I’m actually a bit nervous. I’m not doing it in a video, but if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

From years of fashion blogging I liked to make my avatar stand out when I take a picture but I got really bored with the same wall background. But sometimes my avatar just blended into a more busier one and you never really notice her fashion. Sooo if you have the same problem. I have a really subtle but effective way to make it pop.

The picture below is not totally raw, I have already liquified the parts that was a bit jaggard and blended the neck where there was a bit of a line.

 Tutorial 5

1. Firstly, duplicate your layer. (CTR + J).

Tutorial 1

2. Change your layer mode to “Vivid Light”. This should make your picture really dark.

Tutorial 2

3.Then go to Filter > Other >High Pass. Play around with the Radius slider. This will make your image much more defined. Take care not to make the radius too high, since it’s a second life picture, it is already a cartoon and if it’s too high it may appear cartoonish. We don’t want it to be too strong. In my case I decided on 1.8. Three is about the maximum I normally go. The trick is to just define it, so if you turn off the layer, by clicking on the eye icon, you can see the difference.

Tutorial 3

4. Then click on Alt and your layer mask button.

Tutorial 4

5. Use your paint brush tool to paint the color white over the parts you want to highlight in the image. In this case I’m painting over the eyes of my avatar and the sides of her nose as well as her arms and stomach parts. Again this is really just a very subtle way of drawing attention to the part of the picture which you want to be a bit brighter. If you turn the layer off and on, you will see that it is just a little brighter, subtle but enough for it to stand out. Suddenly, when you look at the picture for the first time, you don’t see the back ground first.

You can play around with it until it’s to your liking. I just find this is a really soft (?) way of doing it and to still looks natural.

Below is the final picture. I added my signature and a border.

Tutorial: Make it pop

Much love!

Explore your heart out

I always loved photography and to explore. I have 100s and 100s of pictures since I started. I joined Koinup and just loved sharing them. But then I got into blogging and starting doing events and that lead to sponsors and soon all I did was log on, blog, log off. The whole cyber world and creativity of amazing sims for years and years passed me by without noticing, but recently, I stopped and I started exploring again. So the last two pictures I posted, was all somewhere on the grid.

The one below is a sim that has the most amazing fields and flowers and shabby equipment with pretty chairs and decor. As I continued exploring I found a door that lead into a cave and I found this amazing dark space with all the glistering lights and sparkly trees. I could not resist. The picture is a little dark, but the idea was to show the lights. It was really a hidden treasure. Go visit Tillicum Island and see for yourself. Explore your heart out, you never know what you might find.

Much love!


Ballade vir ‘n enkeling

I recently read a book in Afrikaans that I really loved. It was one of those books that was just impossible to put down. I make a point of alternating the language of the books I read.

Me being an eternal romantic, I really wanted to share this with you. Apologies in advance if the translation is not perfect. Also this was not a romantic book, but one about a guy that went missing and how the search for him life tangles, murder, revenge, etc. So here goes:

“What do you love about me, she asked him. ‘Your feet, specially without shoes, when you lift it shyly against the other while you stand.. Your hands when your randomly play with your fingers… your hair that always smell like fresh apples. Your lips that almost never wear lipstick.. purely because it doesn’t need it and when I kiss it doesn’t taste fake.’ He touches her ear with his lips and whispers.. ‘and your ears, because you always hear what I say and know that I mean it’

I think the last part was what really hit me. I think everyone wants to be heard, but it’s special when someone you love really hears what you have to say.

On another note, I was looking for a scene to take my next picture when I read in Caity Tobias‘ blog about the {Imeka} mainstore sim called Apple Island. Nati Williams sure did a great job with decorating and I just had to take a pic there.

I’m wearing a dress from Valentina E, shoes from REIGN and hair from Besom.

Ballade vir 'n Enkeling

Let the light in

So much inspiration the past few days! Have you ever had so much inspiration that you don’t know what to use first. What a wonderful feeling.

The attached picture was something new I tried. It took me a while to do. I wanted to have more depth in my pictures, so I was playing around with the viewer settings. The plan was to have lots of light from behind, but with the millions of windlights available on Firestorm I couldn’t find one that satisfied me. I didn’t get the exact effect that I had in mind, but this was pretty close to it. My new mission is to create depth with Photoshop and then at some point I will combine the two. Looking forward to it.

I’m wearing boots from *deeR* (old inventory item) and the new Tee*fy romper available at Collaborate. If you need more info, just leave a message and I will give it to you… so hard to move away from fashion blogging! The background is my platform with buildings from Apple Fall and benches from {what next}.

Much love!

You can never dream too much

Feeling like a Diva

Nelson Mandela said “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

And I get on my high horse when people judge others. I  know I do too sometimes, but then I keep it to myself and move on. You can not judge someone unless you have walked in their shoes or if you are going to pay for their sins. Rather use that energy and live the right way and make a difference.

And that is my diva rant of the day.

Below, while I lean back looking like a diva, I’m wearing a corset and jewelry from Salt & Peper, shoes from BREATH and hair from the Hair Fair – no.match.

Have a great day!

Feeling like a Diva


I have been a bit layed back recently. I blame the cold, icey weather and that it is much nicer to lounge in front of a hot fire and sit at my PC with a boring little heater. I have to admit that I’m pretty ready for summer about now.

But since I’m so relaxed and since it’s summer in most of the world, I tossed on a pair shorts from The Secret Store, cutesy top from Coco (available at Chapter Four) and heels from BREATHE.

I’m still loving my white rooms from Exposeur. Have a great one!