at my finest

This morning was one of those mornings. I woke up way too early and fell asleep just as I was about to get up. So when I did get up, I was in really still sleeping. So doing the things I had to do in the mornings I was surprised that I actually had time to eat breakfast and water the plant babies. Feeling very happy and relaxed when I know I should really be in a rush, but taking it cos you know… how often are you happy and relaxed in the morning. 

That was until I walked into the office. Not only did I forget to any put jewellery on, I’ve put mascara on only one eye. It also slipped my mind to prepare and bring my lunch (what!!??) and of course my phone was left at home too. On the bright side, I did not put two different shoes on… yup that has happened before. Not only did I put different shoes on the last time, but I was standing at the printer looking at my shoes and was wondering what was off… not even realising! Only much later, after I have been through the office a few times I sat on my chair, and it just hit me… not one of my finest days.

But lets get back to today, I can cope with most of my slip ups today, but my vain self refuse to let me go without mascara on my one eye… It is really noticeable since I have blonde eyelashes and I wear black mascara. I’m not going to do the Cruella look today! I had to slip out and buy myself a new mascara, even though I don’t need it, but I’ll keep this one in my drawer at work for days like these. I need to start covering my bases. This is happening way too often.

Now just to get through the day without my phone… that in itself, is a massive challenge.

The picture doesn’t have much to do with this theme, but hey that’s food I don’t have today. 

bright mornings