*WARNING* Turn off Media in SL and do the hunt!

Serious security flaw with SL media implementation? This may be old news to you, but I was recently scouting the forums for some interesting reads and this was posted yesterday. Since I started Second Life in 2009 I had warnings that it was not ‘safe’ to steam music. Is this just rumors?  If not?  How is that going to affect clubs? Is it only media or streaming too?  So more and more people started to question this and the reply: ‘It is not an identity disclosure risk, though that is part of it. It is a full account compromise risk,’ ‘Do with the information what you will. I will post more details as I have them. I don’t think it would affect those who control their own streams. This is about going onto land that has media set onto it that is not under your control.’

After reading a very lengthily post and people getting off topic, it was clarified that streaming music on your own land was safe, as was streaming music in clubs. It is when you are out exploring and you do not know the source, that you should deactivate your media. Also, never let any SL Client store your password, always enter your password and if it is already stored, manually clear and clear your cache too. The debate is still ongoing and if you guys are interested I can link you to it. Just leave me an IM or comment. 🙂

Something else of interest, a new Colors of Summer Hunt that is happening on the grid! It starts at Atooly and the gift is the gorgeous slink applier nails, it comes in various shades but I chose the pink fade to go with my dress.  When you find that gift, the next LM and hint are included for the next item. Look here for the complete list of participants and gifts. The dress I’m wearing is gift no 11 from  Grumble.

Turn Media off

Then another stunning new addition to my inventory is this skin from (FreshFace). It is available in 4 different tones with Lola appliers.    Happy hunting!!

Turn Media off

Skin: (FreshFace) Acacia – Olive
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Roma –  dark browns

Dress: Grumble-Colors of Summer Hunt Gift-Women – Colors of Summer Hunt

Bracelets and Earrings: Maxi Gossamer – Bracelets and Earrings – Ritzy Shimmer Pearls
Rings: .;L&B:. Jewelry”Attitude” Women’s Spoiled Stacked Ring – Silver and [Atooly] Sweet Heart Ring Two
Necklace: DirtyLand – dl:: Metal Neckless hearts
Nails:  [Atooly] Slink Finger/Toe Nail Hud – Colors of Summer Hunt