Wonder how many did it??

I joined premium membership today. I wonder how many did? I uhm’ed and ahm’ed about it. I had premium membership when I first started SL, but I never wanted to work. I work full time and don’t want to work in SL too. So eventually I didn’t really see the benefit and down graded.

Now, I normally pay rent for a house and just be on my merry way all the time. I log in when I want too, buy linden as I need and do what I want, but then RL gets busy and I don’t feel like logging in and then one day turns into the next and one week turns into the next and bam! I’m SL homeless. I log back in, search for a home, decorate, stay a few weeks and the cycle starts all over again.

Premium I think, will work well for me as I don’t have to log in to pay rent. I now have my own little oasis and it is not that expensive compared to what I spend it SL anyway. So for me, it did make sense and I sort of feel more committed again. How about you?

Tiny dancer

Broken Wings

Today for the first time in a very long time I didn’t NEED to blog an event and I decided to take the opportunity to blog what I really want to blog, the reason I actually started blogging. So I was scrolling through Koinup pictures and this  photo by Thea Maiman inspired me. She used the song below, and to be honest I have never heard it before, but the words just touched me and I decided not to listen to the music or watch the music video as I just want to do my interpretation of it. Hope you like it 😀 ♥

Broken Wings

He told her when she played,
Wings sprouted from her shoulder blades
And every bone inside her seemed to change.
So on her fingers moved, over notes she hoped would soothe,
His jagged soul caressing every groove.

Oh and how she longed to say, that she’d missed his troubled ways,
And if she could she’d do it all again.

Cause sometimes every word has been used,
And there’s nothing left to do
But hold the one you can’t have in the sweet arms of a tune.

Sweet arms of a tune – Missy Higging

Broken Wings


Skin:  [the Skinnery] Sasha
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Cady –  dark browns

Lingerie: Izzie’s – Cute Cotton Undies black (TDRF)

Bracelet: [EY:NO] Watch & Leaf-Bracelets  (silver)
Ring: O.M.E.N – Ring of Passion – Black
Wings: Sofiel Angel Wings by Material Squirrel