Listed Bliss

Sasha Cagen created a blog a while ago that only published “To Do” lists. She published an ad in a national magazine and everyone sent her their lists. It ranged from ordinary shopping lists to “what I want to do before I’m 80” It was like having a sneak peek into how people ran their lives and it had an almost therapeutic effect. When you read other peoples list of what they still need to do, you see that we are all far more neurotic, silly and imperfect than we like to present ourselves and that we all really do make lists.

Making a list is a way to structure a chaotic feeling, or when you are busy, it gives you confidence that you will not forget to do something, but you don’t have to constantly think about it. And writing down something you have already done, just so you can tick it as done, so you feel better.

Also lists could be like a mini dairy in bullet form, if you read back on old lists, you will get the exact same feeling you had when you wrote it down.

On a dreamy note, writing down what you really want, and listing it, may be way to let the universe know what you want, it can be really wild, because writing down a wish often magically makes it come true.

Now I somehow need to make this relevant to Second Life and my photos, so I’m totally writing this down as a wish that it may become relevant and hoping for that magic 😉 Did it work?

Now for something very unrelated to the above, but very related to the below. The pants are from Villena  and the top is from Amerie. I really love the style from Villena, the fit feels right.

Listed Bliss

Listed Bliss

Hair: TRUTH HAIR – Marisol

Skin: Izzie’s skin Harlow natural

Pants: .:villena:. – Loose pants gold print

Top: AMERIE – Mesh Tank (Black02)

Necklace: [MANDALA] Onigiri Necklace

Bracelets: [MANDALA] Kabuki Bracelet