Empty Cages

I was wondering around  and saw this. The empty cage, the pure sadness of the stone statue, but also the two owls caught my attention. Owls in my culture represent death, but they are also the token of wisdom. I hope I captured it.

This picture was taken at Zenith 🙂


Something happened today that made me realize that I have changed.  I have become someone who I don’t know anymore and frankly not really like much either. So I have decided to refocus. My blog was originally intended to be a kind of journal (Memoir) of my Second Life and yes, fashion (Chic) too, but fashion was not supposed to be the focus.

Another intent of the blog was to showcase my photography and how I was supposed to grow.  I wanted to look back over a year and see how I started out and where I am now. I wanted to see the improvement, the failures and the many lessons I have learned. Instead it became a “take a quick photo so I can blog about it!” type of thing, and I lost the thought behind it.  And also the quality of photography. I will still blog about fashion, but I will no longer ‘hunt’ for the newest, best release to get hits on my blog. People reading this blog, will read it because they want too.

So here goes my first ‘photography’ blog. The picture below was taken yesterday at our house. Nic was unable to get into Second Life, because of Hurricane Sandy and power outages. I missed him and was so worried. So I created this while listening to Michael Buble’s ‘Lost‘ and ‘You’ll never find another like mine‘.