Week… bloody, week

I had the best weekend, which is now only a distant memory. I went skiing with friends (yes it’s still winter) although we have been having the most amazing days and the coldest nights. Ohh I also want to mention that I saw the first blossoms on the trees this morning! New life! Soon everything will come out of their winter slumber and nature will be buzzing again.

But, yeah, back at work and another bloody week… well if you take it literally, it’s not really that bad.

The pic below just happened. I saw the cutest shades from DirtyStories and the hair from ArGrace. Then I wanted a kind of grungy background but not too much, because apart from the blackness, I felt quite the flower child – not that you can see it on this pic, but I’m wearing a few roses!. The romper is from DRIFT and the rest of my accessories is also from DirtyStories. I really love her range.

Much love!

Week... bloody week

Summer House

Normally I don’t blog furniture and houses. Simply because I can’t seem to take a good photo. I never knew which angle works better and which windlight to use. So I end up with 100 photos, and I never use it. But I had to blog this cute summer house from There’s No Place Like Home. The photo does not do it justice. It is a Fist Pump Hunt gift, so it’s totally for free,  and really, really cute.

Summer House

Spring Story

One day there was this old man sitting by a dying fire. When he was approached by a handsome young man with red cheeks and sparkly eyes and a skip in his step. His forehead was bound with a wreath of sweet grass and in his hands were a bunch of fragrant flowers. The old man was happy to see him and they introduced themselves. The old man, the Spirit of Winter and the young, the Spirit of Spring. While they were talking a wonderful thing happened. A gentle warmth stole over the place. The Spirit of Winter became silent, his head drooped and the snow started to melt. The Spirit of Spring grew more radiant and rose joyfully to his feet. The robin and the blue bird began to sing and the stream began to murmur, and the fragrance of opening flowers came softly on the breeze. The Spirit of Winter sank down and dissolved into tiny streams that vanished under the brown leaves of the forest. So the Spirit of Winter departed and the first blossoms, fragrant and delicate bloomed for Spring. (Story by Henry R Schoolcraft)

Necklace: LEO-NT – Field of Roses Set

Bracelets: [EY:NO] Mess Bangles

Shirt: ColdLogic – Graham.pinks

Belt: LEO-NT – Field of Roses Set

Shorts: *X*Plosion – Tropical Mesh

Shoes: N-Core – Triumph Pink