‘The process of becoming obsolete; falling into disuse or becoming out of date.

I came across this word in a book I was reading this afternoon and I liked it, the way it rolls off the tongue. Things become obsolescence when it’s not needed, and things become less needed when you substitute it with something else or outgrow it. That in itself can be a good thing, as growth is always good. (or mostly, if it’s not sideways 😉 ).

There was a time last year when I thought normal shirt, pants, jacket layered clothes will become obsolescence due to mesh, but suddenly Lola Tango’s was introduced and all mesh clothing production stopped to go back to normal layered clothes – or am I totally wrong? We still have the same old templates, but it feels like nothing new is being made. I was wondering, did the creators jump on the chance to rather make Tango appliers for their clothes than making mesh products as it’s easier? I appreciate that to make a brand new mesh product, needs skill and time. Did creators take the easy way out to stay with the familiar? These days I see more male mesh products and mesh furniture than new female mesh clothes. Is there a shift in Second Life? Or is that just my perception?

Something that will never become obsolescence, is Second Life fashion, mesh or not. I visited Collaborate and the new event The Liaison Collaborative and picked up this cute outfit. Also I love the new N-Core shoes!




Hair: TRUTH Hair – Juliette

Skin: Izzie’s – Harlow Skin Natural

Dress: !Rebel Hope – Bianca Mesh Dress Dots Pink

Shoes: N-Core – Delicious ‘Silver’

Earings and Necklace: Cae – Sakura

Bracelets: erratic – Twisted bracelets

Nails: Izzie’s Classic Nails

Lips: Izzie’s Glossy Lip Hightlights

Pose: !Bang –  mini series – Without Purpose 4 and Strength 2