Ballade vir ‘n enkeling

I recently read a book in Afrikaans that I really loved. It was one of those books that was just impossible to put down. I make a point of alternating the language of the books I read.

Me being an eternal romantic, I really wanted to share this with you. Apologies in advance if the translation is not perfect. Also this was not a romantic book, but one about a guy that went missing and how the search for him life tangles, murder, revenge, etc. So here goes:

“What do you love about me, she asked him. ‘Your feet, specially without shoes, when you lift it shyly against the other while you stand.. Your hands when your randomly play with your fingers… your hair that always smell like fresh apples. Your lips that almost never wear lipstick.. purely because it doesn’t need it and when I kiss it doesn’t taste fake.’ He touches her ear with his lips and whispers.. ‘and your ears, because you always hear what I say and know that I mean it’

I think the last part was what really hit me. I think everyone wants to be heard, but it’s special when someone you love really hears what you have to say.

On another note, I was looking for a scene to take my next picture when I read in Caity Tobias‘ blog about the {Imeka} mainstore sim called Apple Island. Nati Williams sure did a great job with decorating and I just had to take a pic there.

I’m wearing a dress from Valentina E, shoes from REIGN and hair from Besom.

Ballade vir 'n Enkeling