This is what I’m excited about!

The other day, I thought that I prefer fall (autumn for me) to spring. The reason is that fall is still warm enough to do most summer activities, promising that it will be cold soon… but not yet, so enjoy last warm days before the nice cuddly days start. The colors are also amazing.

But I just realized there are one more reason. That’s when America and Europe start staying indoors and come back to Second Life again. The last few weeks, so many of my old friends returned to Second Life. It is really wonderful to see them again. All the catch-ups and the ‘what have you been up to the last few months’. Friendships rekindled as if there have never been a break.

For me though, it is spring, but winter is fighting to keep its grip. The days are longer, brighter but the cold wind keeps reminding us that winter is just not ready to let us go yet. So I’ll be around a little bit longer, to make sure my friends do too.

Touch my soul and hold it tight//

Second Life and Friends

Second life can be filled with drama and heart ache, but it can also be the most wonderful place to ever be at. I see so many people saying that one person are the reason why they log on to Second life, and all I then think is… you have so much to learn and you deprive yourself. Second life to me is that special someone, yes, but also my friends. I have the most amazing group of friends and I will not trade them for anything. This pictures below are some of my closest friends, Welcome back to Second Life Bridgette! Love you heaps Nic and Jack and Danaa… get a a room 😉 Huggies Spicey 😀