I stumbled upon blogging as I was always hungry for something new and different to wear. I treasure my individuality and  don’t mind being a trend setter (the vanity!); well that and I had way too much time on my hands… and my (currently very low) weekly allowance,which is still a tender topic.

Most blogs I visited and still visit are about Second Life fashion and style, and there are pretty weird and wonderful things out there. But there are also those that feature tutorials – we all need some grey stuff exercise once in a while to better ourselves. And then my favorite, the stories. I would love to be able to blog a story  one day. But with my writing skill that may be a very distant dream!

I have learned alot from blogs and most of what I’m doing today was from what I have learned there. I can list my favorite blogs if you are interested and they are (was hard to keep them to only 5):






This made me wonder, which blogs do you like?  I’d like to invite you to list your favorite blogs in comments.  But before you do, look at the outfit below, I picked up the pants at Coco Designs and the top at the Whore Couture Fair. The tattoo is from Wounded, who also a have lots of mesh clothing as well clothes with Lola appliers –  go and have a look! Credits below.





Hair: Magika [01] Calm

Top: {dollle*} 006 Loose Crop Cami – Pink – at Whore Couture Fair

Pants: *COCO* Tapered pants – Black

Shoes: !Skifija Black Heels

Tattoo: .wound Pour Vous – For You tattoo

Necklace: [EY:NO] Pearl ❤ Set

Headband: ::LEO-NT:: Vintage Headband

Bracelet (right) MIEL TROUPE Watch – Bright

Bracelet (Left) The Sea Hole – Antique Moonstone Set

Piercings: <-Puncture-> Anti-Eyebrow, Dermal Gemstones – hips, Labret (spike) and Ko’oedu – Vanda Piercing Mesh

Pose: *CC* Female – 21