Primbay alternative to Marketplace!?!

Have you even heard of Primbay? Primbay is almost the same as Marketplace and it’s operated by owners of CasperTech. I had a quick look through it and did a search and I found my item much easier.

For designers to be able to use it, they need to use a CasperTech vendor system and if they do, it automatically list in Primbay and as far as I understand, with no additional cost to the designer. As a consumer, you also need to have a CasperTech account, and it can be done at any CasperTech vendor. You will also need to deposit L$  into this account, to be able to make a purchase. Will it be too much effort? I don’t know, but I will check it out. Currently since it is not well known, its a breeze to find things, its easy to operate and quick to navigate. My understanding is that it is still in it’s early stages and a lot of improvements are in the pipeline. I think its worth keeping an eye on, more and more designers may start to use it.

Also I would like to show you these shoes from N-Core, exclusive for Shoetopia, which opens in 2 days!