So I decided to do one more tonight 🙂 The corset is from {Darkware} and is only 100L. Also it comes in a variety of colors! A must have!


Skin:  [the Skinnery] Sasha
Hair: .b – ciera  – dark browns

Corset: {DarkWare} Corpse Corset -Pink-
Panties: ::TGIS:: Simplicity Set Embellished [Black]

Piercings – collar bone: Ko’oeku – Vanda Piercing Mesh
Lips: Pink Acid Exotic Ethnic Lips 2 Pack – Pink
Ring L: O.M.E.N – Ring of Passion – Black

Hi, I am square.

Cao recently did a post on her blog on depression, click on the link, it’s an interesting read. The post touched me, not because I am depressed, far from it, but she also talked about fitting in. Trying to force a square into a circle. That is exactly how I see myself.

A few weeks ago I asked the question on Plurk what they do to fit in and most of the answers were nothing. They gave up trying to fit in, they don’t care about fitting in. In my opinion, I think you only think you don’t, but in some degree you always try to fit in. I am an introvert, I tried being more extroverted, I find it stressful. Does that make me weird? If not, why do people judge me because of it? They don’t? Yes, they do. I have friends that get angry because I don’t feel like tp’ing them the second I log on to SL or tp to them. I have friends that keeps posting on FB, if you don’t IM me, then you are not my friend and you don’t care. I do care. If I don’t have anything to say, I’m not going to IM you and most days I don’t have anything to say. I’m also fine with just IM’ing you. I don’t need to have your avatar standing a few feet from me every single day we are online together. Why? I don’t know. I just like being on my own. I’m happy on my own. I’m relaxed on my own. I like having my own space. I like seeing you once in awhile, I feel pressured to see you everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, and I love that my friends IM me, I enjoy friends, I just don’t have the same expectations of our friendship, I can’t be social every single day. Does this make me weird? I think so. I tried changing, I tried fitting into the circle. Sometimes I just need people to stretch their circle a little and I will make my edges smoother. Nothing is ever just black or white.

For all the friends I’ve lost over the past years, I see why you gave up. Sorry about that. Bridgette, thank you for stretching your circle 😀 ♥

Hi, I am square

Skin:  DeeTaleZ Skin A.T.W. Hanna *gloss* Mixedtype – The Azz Fair
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Flora” 

Top and skirt: {dollle*} 070 Long Sleeve Loose Shirt  and {dollle*} 072 Open Zip Leather Mini Skirt  – She & Him Event
Boots: {DarkWare} Zombie Boots Pyscho Pink/Goth Black

Necklace: KOSH– SANCTUARY NECKLACE -inverted-
Piercings – Chest: .Pekka. Rake Piercing (Chest) Unisex
Ring L: O.M.E.N – Ring of Passion – Black
Collar: {DarkWare} Tainted -Black-+
Tattoo: PMS – Flower Abs


High dive into frozen waves
Where the past comes back to life
Fight fear for the selfish pain
It was worth it every time

Hold still right before we crash,
‘Cause we both know how this ends
A clock ticks ’till it breaks your glass
And I drown in you again


‘Cause you are, the piece of me,
I wish, I didn’t need
Chasing, relentlessly,
Still fight and I don’t know why

If our love, is tragedy,
Why are you my remedy?
If our love’s, insanity,
Why are you my clarity?
– Zedd


Skin:  [the Skinnery] Sasha
Hair: Boudoir – Irena Hair

Dress:  Dark midday Design ::DMD::. “Lotus” Elegant Corset Dress (BLACK)
Shoes: {DarkWare} Poison Heels – Group Gift

Arm Warmers:  .Shi : Fingerless Glove [Female] SET 3
Collar with watch: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* AGATHA dark
Key: *{ SeVered GarDeN }* AGATHA dark
Tattoo: 1 Hundred. Love Stinks Chest Tatoo. B&W –   Body Modification Expo Exclusive

The Mask

Recently I have been standing on the side lines and been watching in on what was happening in my virtual world. The most overwhelming thing I have been seeing is that everyone is wearing a mask. Everyone in some way pretend. Some seem to look happy, but was hiding pain. Some seem to care about others  but really show concern just so they can build up themselves or build up their image. There are so many that say “well at least I’m not fake”. Other just pretended to be what they are not to fit in.  I have to smile because in some way or another you do pretend to be something you aren’t. That is called being human.

The Mask

Darkware has recently released the Black Death Mask, which has 13 varieties. Vox wondered if I would blog this, knowing full well being dark is not my style, but I decided to give it a go. Hope I didn’t fail! This mask really attach to the face and Vox has outdone himself. If you have the grunge/goth look, this would be a perfect addition to your inventory.

The Mask

The dress I’m wearing is one of the latest releases from Dark Wing and is available at the Soho Market. This dress is really versatile as it has the lace at the bottom to wear as a gown or you can detach it, and only wear the dress as a pencil dress. But that is not all. The corset and skirt can also be worn separably. It also has Lola appliers,  which in fact make this great addition to your inventory.

Skin:  [the Skinnery] Sasha – as part of the skin
Hair: Magika // Brown Pack // Andarial

Dress: Dark Wing: Goth Exclusive –  The Soho Market
Mask: {DarkWare} Black Death Mask

Necklace: GeWunjo :  Jack silver onyx. – Body Modification Expo – coming soon
Ring: O.M.E.N – Ring of Passion – Black
Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer – Bangles – Damasc – SILVER
Tiara: Dirty Land dl:: Emo Queen

It’s my heart, I follow this time.

Open my lungs
To breathe in forgiveness and love
Haunting me now
Reminders of how I used to be
On down the road
The troubles sure to follow

– Daughtry

Today I had fun playing around with windlights and decided on this one. I was listening to this song from Daughtry while and it just touched me. I’m sure following my heart with this one. Have a look at my top it’s from Scrubs and available at the She & Him event. My make-up is from Modish and also available at this event.

Rescue me

Skin: [theSkinnery] Sasha – honey
Hair: Magika // Brown Pack // Andarial

Top: …::: Scrub :::… Just a Little Black – She & Him Event
Jacket: *COCO*_CroppedBikerJacket_Cream
Shorts: [Cynful] Isia Jeans Short – Black (wear me)
Boots: {DarkWare} Zombie Boots Pyscho Pink/Goth Black

Make-up:::Modish:: [Ingrid Eyeshadows]-Ace – She & Him Event
Piercings: .Pekka. Rake Piercing (Chest) Unisex / Anti-Eyebrow (Gemstone) Basics and Dermal Gemstones -Hips-
Rings: ::LEO-NT:: I ❤ you Ring
Sunglasses: ^^Swallow^^ Shades Metropolis Beije

[Atooly] – Female Pose Pack

Girl and her violin

Sometimes you just need to listen to the right music to find the right inspiration.


Vox Mortis has opened a store on Market Place and this dress is one of the items he has up for sale. You should go look. 🙂


Skin: [theSkinnery] Sasha – honey
Hair: [LeLutka]-BELLE hair/Dark Grayscale and (Chemistry) Hair – Buttons – B&Ws

Dress: {DarkWare} Suffering Dress – Pink
Socks: [ATOMIC] Happy Harajuku Socks
Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots V2 in Black – Fem – [bagged]

Earrings: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Earrings :: POLARIS :: Black
Bangles: dirtyland dl:: Emo Queen Perfect Hands
Rings: [tea.s] Kitty Ring Set and MG – Necklace – Positano Night Jewel
Necklace: (Yummy) Ball Chain Necklace – Ankh
Tattoo: –UtopiaH– Asphyxia Psycho Tattoo
Make-up: -UtopiaH- Always Hiding Make-Up