worked from a cafe today

I always wanted to be like the people in the movies, where they sit in their favorite cafe and work away on their laptops. Always thought that was pretty cool, but it can only happen if you are self employed or working from home, right? And I’m one of those 9-5’ers that slog away the day.

Well today I was working from home and decided to try it. Goodness, I really loved it! I felt the buzz around me and it was just all happening. Such a weird thing to be excited about, but I had recently had very mild Covid and couldn’t go out as I was in isolation. I worked from hom and have to say, I actually miss the interaction with my colleagues. It also felt like my life was standing still while the world seemed to be moving on. So today, working from home (not sick anymore), I did it! I wrote a 12 page report and did it in a few hours. When I’m doing it at home or work, it takes me days! To be fair normally I’m also interrupted a million times.

Weird what a little change in location and inspiration can do.

This is just an old picture I took in 2018, not new, but it fitted the theme, so why not?

Apple Season