Wonder how many did it??

I joined premium membership today. I wonder how many did? I uhm’ed and ahm’ed about it. I had premium membership when I first started SL, but I never wanted to work. I work full time and don’t want to work in SL too. So eventually I didn’t really see the benefit and down graded.

Now, I normally pay rent for a house and just be on my merry way all the time. I log in when I want too, buy linden as I need and do what I want, but then RL gets busy and I don’t feel like logging in and then one day turns into the next and one week turns into the next and bam! I’m SL homeless. I log back in, search for a home, decorate, stay a few weeks and the cycle starts all over again.

Premium I think, will work well for me as I don’t have to log in to pay rent. I now have my own little oasis and it is not that expensive compared to what I spend it SL anyway. So for me, it did make sense and I sort of feel more committed again. How about you?

Tiny dancer

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