deer river spring

I want to apologise for two things from the start… the photo spam and the moodiness of the photos. I visited Deer River Spring and could not get enough. As soon as I think, right I have all the picks I can do, I see more photos opportunities. So I took them all.

Be warned that the sim is so stunning, there are tons of people around so they may photo bomb. I’m sure I photo bombed so many – sorry! The benefit of that is though that people stand nice and still so you can take a pic of them too and make them part of the scene, like this one with the bike. Thank you Bug for posing… although I have no idea who you are!

deer river spring

The only thing that made it hard for my style of photography was that there are a lot of yellow flowers around and trying to take a more fun, sunny, springy pic was hard for me. The yellow just made it too bright, hence the more moody pictures. In saying that, it is only because of what I like, it might work perfectly for other photographers and I also looked back on all my previous photos, and they all seemed to be moody. So there is that. I would 100% recommend you to have a nosy.

deer river spring 2

And then lastly, the horses, they look amazing and a few people were around were riding them and it looks so good. I actually tried to catch one in action, but it just didn’t set the scene. I will try one the next time I’m there, because I will definitely be back.

deer river 3

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