Back?…probably not

Hi There

Am I back? Probably not. But I am in the mood to write. So here I am. I stopped this blog to start a new RL blog, but that didn’t even last as long as this one did. Looking back on my previous posts are actually quite fun and I can remember ever single emotion I had with almost every post. Love that about it.

Why am I here? I felt like telling you that I’m not really back in SL, but also I am. When I first logged on I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. The first five, six years I was obsessed. Not just mildly obsessed, I mean for real. I ate, dreamt, lived for SL. And then I became sad, and I wallowed in my sadness for years. SL is about making connections and being creative.

For a long time, I thought that I have to do both to be happy in SL. Making connections is something that I really struggled with. I enjoy SL because I can see other people’s creations, create an avi that I enjoy looking at. I can take pictures and play around in Photoshop and just give free reign to my creativity. And only recently realised that I don’t need connections. I’m normally tired after a long nine, ten hour day at my full time job and don’t feel like living up to someone else’s expectations at how often I had to IM them to see how they are doing. I’m normally there to wind down and relax. And the days that I feel like interaction I go to a club and talk to people. I have to be the only person on SL that honestly have no friends in my list and that is okay. I find that freeing where in the past, I would have felt guilty for not saying hi every time I see someone log in.

The place I’m the most active and you can find me, is probably Plurk. Check it out and join me there!


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