I was looking at some profiles the other day, which is often where you form the first perception/impression of a person. I stumbled upon this guy who’s avi looks particularly good, but his profile was extremely offensive and disrespectful towards woman and men and laden with sex. I closed it and move on only for him to IM me in a few minutes later.

After a long conversation, he seems really interesting and like a nice person. So why would someone nice and interesting have a profile like that? My initial impression was clearly wrong, or he was just pretending during our conversation. My profile is also the exact opposite of his and I’m wondering what in my profile seemed interesting enough for him to IM me. I have to admit after reading his profile, when he first IM’ed me, it did influence my attitude towards him and I was less perceptive to what he was going to say. I would welcome some comments to find out if a profile of a person influences your initial perception of him/her.


Skin: -Belleza- Nina Makeup 0
Hair: .Olive. the Wicked Hair – Blushing – TAG Gacha
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Ghost // Black Eye
Teeth: [whatever] Teeth 2.0 – normal

Dress: =Zenith=(Preal)Braces Dress
Tights: *League* Gartered Socks -Soft Pink
Shoes: ..:: Energie ::.  Dirty Boot Dbrown  Bag

Neck piercings: – .HoD. – E L E G Y Body Paint TANGO Applier & Chest Dermals
Facial Piercings: :HV: Alice [Metal]*Mesh*- modified
Bracelets: +Half-Deer+ Baby Cornsnake [Snow]
Bat: +Half-Deer+ Hearthugger Bat – Deery – TAG Gacha

!bang – stands 271 – Modified



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Lola Ghost

To live and learn and have fun along the way. :D

One thought on “Perception”

  1. It’s weird, I know!! I am weird! But I never read a person’s profile, I never have. To me it’s like demanding to read a person’s autobiography before you will say hallo. I mean face it, talking to a person will glean a lot more truths about them than a made up cover story. Lol *wonders what her profile says since she’s not looked at in 7 years* I hope I wasn’t a pole dancing vampire stripper as a noob. 😉 ♡ you!

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