Pink Fusion

Exciting news today is that The Pink Fusion hunt started! It is a 5L hunt, and so worth it. My hair, dress and nails are all from the hunt. It starts at Razor and the next landmark is included in the item.

Pink Fusion

I need to mention something that happened to me in SL today. I always go on about getting back to good. Today I was walking in a store, minding my own business, when a random stranger gave me 500L. I’m more used to a random stranger asking me to give him 500L. Of course I IM’ed him to ask if he made a mistake, and he said: “no, I want you to smile”. I did smile. I didn’t smile because I was 500L richer, I smiled because he wanted to spoil someone randomly and make the person feel good. I don’t need the 500L but I will pay it forward. 🙂  Have a great day everyone!

Pink Fusion


Skin:  *YS&YS* Mina Skin
Hair:  *Milk* Hair~ Sushi  – Pink Fusion Hunt

Dress: { dollle* } Pink Fusion Hunt #32 : Dress in Pink

Make up: ::Modish:: [Ingrid Eyeshadow] Smokey set
Lips: Pink Acid  Luxury Lip Gloss – Teeth & Pout
Piercings:  Hebenon Vial :HV: Alice [Metal]*Mesh*
Tattoo: Corvus: Human
Nails: [ Forever Young] :FY: Spring Glitter Nails –  Pink Fusion Hunt

.Ploom. Glare 3 / 5

5 thoughts on “Pink Fusion

  1. caoimhelionheart May 2, 2014 / 3:10 am

    Your look changes so much from one day to the next and they are all simple perfection! Love!

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