Surviving Monday

Guys! I survived my first day back at work and I was not even in bad mood. I think the break I had was exactly what I needed. The weather on the other hand, was extremely devastated that I was not at home as it opened up and it poured down. They are expecting floods in the next 24 hours, so I flood proofed my house and after this blog, I’ll be putting my feet up, waiting for Game of Thrones to start.


I took these photos yesterday, and I actually found this romper in my inventory under the “to blog”  folder, but I have no idea where I bought it from. So I really need to apologize for not being able to say. Also the folder that it came in, contains no details about the store or a landmark, so I’m going to copy and paste the name of the folder as it is. That brings me to an issue that I wanted to raise before now. Designers should really put as much information as possible into a folder, including the landmark and the texture of the outfit. I normally delete all alpha textures as I have no use for them. I link most stores in my blog and find it time consuming if I need to go and hunt for a landmark.

But on a happy note, even though I’m not able to give you much info I decided to blog the romper anyway because I felt really cute. The cutsie socks and bow on my feet are from UtopiaH available from The Suicide Dollz Event. :)) Have a great Monday everyone!!


Skin:  *YS&YS* Mina Skin
Hair: [elikatira] [e] Never – Rich Browns – old inventory item

Romper: Peqe – Tuscany_Green
Socks:  -UtopiaH- My Little Socks & Bowy Rings – comes in various colors – Suicide Dollz Event

Make up: ::Modish:: [Ingrid Eyeshadow] Smokey set
Lips: Pink Acid Sticky Bun Lip Gloss + Teeth – Pink 12 Pack
Piercings:  Hebenon Vial :HV: Alice [Metal]*Mesh*
Tattoo: Corvus: Human and PMS – Skull Sleeve Tattoo
Bracelets: Vixen @ Luck and MIEL CHUM bracelet
Handbag: .: vive nine :. Nadia Travel Bag

Atooly – Female Pose 9

2 thoughts on “Surviving Monday

  1. caoimhelionheart April 28, 2014 / 10:54 pm

    Peqe is the store name. Love that store! Enjoy your evening and welcome back to the land of the working ;D. ♡

  2. Lola Ghost-Mielle April 29, 2014 / 8:28 am

    I thought Peqe would be the store name, but I couldn’t find a landmark. If you have one, please link me, I would love to go back and see what they have. Have a good evening too 😀

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