Fight for nice

You know how an experience can change you? For example, if you were in a relationship and it ends, you need to change to get over it; if you are clumsy and fall over all the bumps in the road, you need to change, learn to lift your feet higher so you can stop falling to prevent the rest of you body to get hurt.

I think I have changed a lot since a year ago and then changed some more and more. To be honest, I liked myself more before I started to change. Some things did get better, but personality wise, I became bitchy, before I killed people with goodness, and although it was annoying and boring as hell, I was happy with being nice. It was not even a faked niceness, I was genuinely nice. I’m still not fake at being nice, but being bitchy comes so much easier than before. I want to I get back to good.



Skin:  *YS&YS* Mina Skin – Skin Fair 2014
Hair: !lamb. Sleepyhead – Kit Kat 

Bodysuit: MoDANNA (Soldier Collection) Army Bodysuit
Skirt:  Ducknipple – Ramona Skirt

Nails: Beautiful Freak Nails – Black Celebration – Slink West
Make up: Boobielicious Soiree – Moondust Night Eyeshadow – Skin Fair 2014
Piercings:  Puncture Anti-Eyebrow (Gemstone) Basics
Armbands/Necklace:  .:.CoCoChes.:.  Marine Girl – Part of an outfit
Tattoo: PMS Bang Bang… Gorilla
Piercings on hand: HollyWeird – Punkture – Mesh Hand Dermals  – UNISEX –  Like Sales Room


Published by

Lola Ghost

To live and learn and have fun along the way. :D

6 thoughts on “Fight for nice”

    1. Oh you do not want to be around me when I’m hungry lolol. A friend told me that if we had warning signs, mine would be “feed often”, but I try. There is just so many times these days that I start to say something in response to other ppl and then have to backspace and think again, so it doesn’t sound as bad as I do intend it.

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