The Mask

Recently I have been standing on the side lines and been watching in on what was happening in my virtual world. The most overwhelming thing I have been seeing is that everyone is wearing a mask. Everyone in some way pretend. Some seem to look happy, but was hiding pain. Some seem to care about others  but really show concern just so they can build up themselves or build up their image. There are so many that say “well at least I’m not fake”. Other just pretended to be what they are not to fit in.  I have to smile because in some way or another you do pretend to be something you aren’t. That is called being human.

The Mask

Darkware has recently released the Black Death Mask, which has 13 varieties. Vox wondered if I would blog this, knowing full well being dark is not my style, but I decided to give it a go. Hope I didn’t fail! This mask really attach to the face and Vox has outdone himself. If you have the grunge/goth look, this would be a perfect addition to your inventory.

The Mask

The dress I’m wearing is one of the latest releases from Dark Wing and is available at the Soho Market. This dress is really versatile as it has the lace at the bottom to wear as a gown or you can detach it, and only wear the dress as a pencil dress. But that is not all. The corset and skirt can also be worn separably. It also has Lola appliers,  which in fact make this great addition to your inventory.

Skin:  [the Skinnery] Sasha – as part of the skin
Hair: Magika // Brown Pack // Andarial

Dress: Dark Wing: Goth Exclusive –  The Soho Market
Mask: {DarkWare} Black Death Mask

Necklace: GeWunjo :  Jack silver onyx. – Body Modification Expo – coming soon
Ring: O.M.E.N – Ring of Passion – Black
Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer – Bangles – Damasc – SILVER
Tiara: Dirty Land dl:: Emo Queen


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Lola Ghost

To live and learn and have fun along the way. :D

4 thoughts on “The Mask”

  1. I’ve long been obsessed with the masks we present in different circumstances – aka persona – and how those resolve themselves online where it can be much easier to make and maintain masks. In a lot of ways, these masks are a social lubricant, letting us interact and get things accomplished without too much conflict, but I think online people play out the more aggressive or strange of their faces, or compensate for a mild like by being outrageous, and I’m not really sure what I think about it.

    1. I like to observe people and see how they react to things, including myself. And I agree with you, in some ways it really gives me trust issues, but it shouldn’t really as it is human to wear a mask.Hiding behind a screen makes this easier and people can be more deceptive. I just sometimes wish people will care more and be more considerate of other’s feelings. Its easy to walk a away from the consequences.

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