Fragile Passion

OMG, Revenge Porn. I recently read an article in the July addition of the Marie Claire magazine.

This girl was standing in line at a checkout, when a guy tapped her on the shoulder and told her he saw her on a porn website and that she is a whore and cheating slut. She was so shocked about what this stranger told her and went home to look at this website. Not only was she naked sprawled all over the first page, she had the most clicks for the week and several other porn sites featured her as well. This was available for everyone to see… her family, friends, colleagues and future employers. But how did it get there… photos that was taken for her ex boyfriend exclusively.
Fragile Passion
It is about guys taking revenge on their ex-girlfriends by posting naked photos, including their personal details on various websites. Tagging it with “cheater”, “slut”, “ho” etc. These photos were posted on the website without her consent. And it is happening with a million other females. These websites has gone viral. Apparently, if something is posted anonymously it is not illegal and the website can not be sued or shut down. If you find the person who posted it, you can sue that person. The boyfriends who posts this, just claim that their computers were hacked.

The guy hosting the website, says: “we have no choice to believe that the person posting these photos is in fact telling the truth” He provides a community service ‘Get the dirt before you get hurt’. He rarely remove photos (at a cost) as this will disappoint his fans. He says “We live in a new age… and this is going to be a permanent part of it”

In a world like Second Life, it is easy to fall really hard for a guy – heart and soul. You trust him enough to sent him explicit pictures… ladies be careful.
Fragile Passion
Skin: Glam Affair – Summer Jamaica
Hair: Truth – Delta 

Shirt and Top: Barely Legal Couture – Daisy May – Endless Summer Hunt Gift 
Flip Flops: N-Core – Flat Barefeet Flip-Flops

Bracelets: Gizza – Oddyssey Watch & Bracelet
Tattoo: .::DMD::. Band-aids and Wound Tattoo and Pepper Birdy Tattoo
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer – Cross of Cordelia

endless summer 1x1 huntflier pink

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