turn off your light

Have you ever teleported into a club or store or where ever,  just to be blinded by someone’s facelight? I really do not get the reason for a facelight anymore. Granted two years ago, it was high fashion and it made your avatar look smoother, but in my opinion, the viewers has improved so much over the past couple of years that it in actual fact only make your avatar look washed out and bright.  Not to mention blinding other people and cast ugly shadows on other avatars…. oh I see what they are doing…

The funny thing is, I have been seeing less and less female avatars wearing facelights and more males that do. Are the males starting to be more vain?
turn off your light I know I can turn off my atmospheric lights and it will fix the problem, but then I miss out on other lights that enhance sims and clubs and places I go. I get that some of us are superheros and need to glow, especially when using their powers, but facenovas please turn off your lights it is so 2012!!
turn off your lightSomething that are brand new however, is the Endless Summer hunt and the really great gifts. This dress I’m wearing is from 22769 and is 100% free! I really love the colors and had so many compliments while wearing it when I was out and about.

turn off your light
Skin: Izzie’s – Irene
Hair: Analog Dog – .b tipsy

Dress: 22769 – [femme] Beach Dress – Endless Summer Hunt Gift
Shoes: N-core – OMEGA – mango

Bracelets: Izzies – Angular Bangles
Sunglasses: Swallow – shades metropolis Beije


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