endless summer hunt

Hottest news around is that the Endless Summer hunt is running from June 20th to July 20th. It has various amazing designer sponsors and the hunt gifts show this.
endless summer 1x1 huntflier pink
The quality of the gifts are really good and you have to do the hunt to get them as it is all hunt exclusives. The pants I’m wearing is really a male pants – oh yup forgot to say that it’s for males and females, which makes this even better although not all stores have a male gift.
endless summer hunt
You can find the hints and landmarks here. The pants I’m wearing is from Aitui and it comes with a leg tattoo as well. The poses are also a hunt gift from Elephante. It comes with 6 static poses.
endless summer hunt
endless summer hunt

Skin: izzie’s Irene – sunkissed
Hair: truth hair – siobhan

Top: erratic – mindy – t-shirt
Pants: AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY – denim shorts – endless summer hunt exclusive
Shoes: n-core – Barefeet and flip flops

Bracelets: the p!nk bandaid ‘PT!B ‘ timex – metals and black ethnik bangles  (both inventory oldies)
Rings: Maxi Gossamer – Singapore Daisy Flower  and Lapointe & BastChild – Attitude Women’s Spoiled Ring

elephante – say it ain’t so – endless summer hunt exclusive

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