Mad Season

I feel stupid, but I know it won’t last for long
And I’ve been guessin’, and I coulda been guessin’ wrong
You don’t know me now, I kinda thought that you should somehow
Has that whole mad season got ya down?

~Matchbox 20
Rez Day

With mad season I don’t mean the silly Christmas season. I had a very interesting encounter last night. I was dancing at a club, but really just listening to the music while I worked in Photoshop, when I got an IM from someone I knew from seeing around the grid. He just said ‘hi’ and we started chatting. I then realized, that things has changed so much. Today is my 4th rez day in Second Life and three years ago, when someone IM’ed you, the normal getting to know each other ensued.  Basic questions of where are you from etc.

But our conversation of last night was different, because of social media this guy already knew about me.  He has been on my Facebook friends list for ages as we know the same people. Then I wondered about my reputation. We never talked before, but I was curious to what my reputation said about me. I didn’t ask, but it made me look back on the type of things I posted over time… this is surely a social media mad season and it is going to last for long.

Rez Day

Skin: (FreshFace) – Violet Olive 

Hair: – Tatum.2


Dress:  ::Delirium Style:: – MizLiz Mini

Shoes:  Similar Siracusa Shoes


Necklace:  RealEvil Industries – Lux Liana Set


Egoisme – Thank you Cait! Look at Cait’s post for more photos of the location.

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