Love the Grind

People that read my blog knows that I normally write about what’s on my mind and mostly its work related and I try to turn into something that relates to SL or something we can all learn from. We all have aspirations and dreams, mine was always just real life focused,  but then I found something that I love doing and for the first time I wanted to succeed and be good at something in Second Life.

Then this morning I read a piece on a very successful author, Josh Kaufman and someone asked him above all else, what is the key factor to become good at something and his answer was – the boring bit, the work. Practice makes perfect, nothing will happen if you sit back and wait. You will not get six pack abs when sitting around. There are no five magical steps. It all comes down to the unsexy grinding work, determination and commitment.

I love the grind!
Love the Grind

This stunning jacket and skirt I’m wearing is created by Sassy and is available now at the 100 Block Event and the bag is from RETRO at The Garage Fair. Also, you have you go and have a look at the sim where it took this pics.  It is the home of Jokers PlayHouse and B*FLY tattoos, and really great for photos.
Love the Grind


Skin: Izzie’s – Harlow

Hair: Analog Dog – b. Honey

Hands: Slink Mesh hands


Skirt and top:  Sassy! Tweed Skirt and Spring Jacket – 100 Block Event

Shoes: N-Core – DELICIOUS –  Gold 


Make up: Izzie’s – Harlow Eyeshadow – Brown

Bracelets:  mE Jewelry Design – Lilium Bangles and Gizza Odyssey Watch

Necklace: mE Jewelry design – Lilium Necklace

Handbag: RETRO – Empire Bag – The Garage Fair Exclusive


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Lola Ghost

To live and learn and have fun along the way. :D

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