Whenever things go wrong or when you are struggling to cope, at least one person will tell you that if you keep yourself occupied, things will improve. That is why I love painting, and yes, I know it has got nothing to do with Second Life, but Second Life effects Real Live and sometimes things happen in Second Life that makes it less easy to cope with. I paint things that I feel deep inside my soul and it helps me stay on course mentally. We all go through phases were we have to look inwards to see if the life we are living is what we really want. Painting, for me foster a sense of inner peace. This kind of calm, shifts my inner focus and helps me put distance between me and my problems and it empowers me to face the world again.

Did you know that it’s believed that people who suffers from depression views the world in different shades of grey, so by working with different shades of paint, they are forced to create patterns and therefore harmony, in time this spill over in their life and how they view the world. Think about what colors you wear everyday – including Second Life, what colour is your home?

So if you feel overwhelmed, or just have creativity block (if you are a Second Life creator), just step back for a moment, try some Real Life craft and see how you unblock your creativity.

Yes I know this outfit if black and white, but I really loved this pants from Blankline and the new shirt available from Collaborate. I have pink toes.. that should count for something.. right? Right.



Hair: TRUTH Hair: Hollana – dark browns

Skin: Izzie’s Harlow Skin Natural

Top: (fd) Tucked in T-black – Collaborate

Pants: BlankLine – 011 PocketPants Male White

Shoes: N-Core DELICIOUS  – Silver

Bracelets: erratic / twisted Bracelets

Nails: Izzie’s Metallic Nails

Necklace: ::Gabriel:: Black bead necklace – group gift

Poses: !Bang – Mini series – Without Purpose 4 and Stand 270


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Lola Ghost

To live and learn and have fun along the way. :D

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