I wrote the heading and looked at it for a while. I got that heading from an Aerosmith quote: ‘Dream until your dream comes true’

It is a very inspiring word: Dream. Dreams makes you work towards something you really want, so it inspires ambition, hope and something better. Over the past few days I have seen a few dreams come true and some on their way of coming true. Never let fear hold you back, remember that if it’s worth it, it’s worth getting out of your comfort zone for. When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold your pen.

My dream is to have a great blog, and I will make you read my thoughts over and over until it becomes one! So be warned! To continue the greatness though, the Skin Fair kicks off on Friday and there are 2 sims of amazing skins, I got the skin I’m wearing now from Shine. I really loved the detail of the freckles and it comes in different shades. Also it comes in various make-ups. All I’m saying is be excited about the Skin Fair which starts on the 15th – it has gone to whole new level.


Hair: Dura-Girl*37

Skin: **SHINE** Zaria Skin/Pale – Skin fair

Piercings: <-Puncture-> Anti Eyebrow and Labret

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