Attention. Intention.

I read a very interesting article today around being aware of the words you use. Do you normally use words that may be perceived as negative or do you generally us positive phrases? Do you say stuff like ‘I’m trying to lose weight’? Or do you say I made the decision to lead a healthy life? ‘Trying’ implies that you may or may not fail, which gives you the option to fail. That may be perceived as negative, were making a decision to live healthier, is more definite, more positive and leaves less room for failure. This can be applied to most words we use. This just proves that words have a huge influence on mindsets. It shows the power that words can have.

I wonder if words will change my impulsive buying streak. I always said that I wouldn’t buy Lola Tango’s but yes, I have. They are still boxed in my inventory for the past 3 days, but I do have them. In my defense  I blame it on the Whore Couture Fair. I visited the fair and the clothes on offer are so amazing, I just had to get them. The outfit below is Whore Couture inspired. The top is from Spearsong and then I had a sneak preview of the Skin Fair – oh wow! The  quality is amazing. I just a to get his skin from Izzie’s – yup and a few others too! Skin fair is coming soon!

Attention. Intention.

Attention. Intention.


Hair: Magika [1] Plenty – New

Skin: Izzie’s – Harlow Skin Natural – Skin Fair (Coming soon)

Top: Spearsong – Blazer w/Tee – Whore Couture 

Shorts: [Cynful] Breeze – Black

Bracelet: [MANDALA] LOTUS Chain Bracelets&Hand ring

Piercings: <-Puncutre-> Anti-Eyebrow, Libret Basics  / Ko’oeku Vanda Piercing mesh


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Lola Ghost

To live and learn and have fun along the way. :D

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