Queen of My Little world

I think this is the time of year when you feel the need to clean out so you can start fresh and relaxed in the new year. To this end, I have decided to clean out my inventory. Oh… I knew it will be a massive, massive job, but I really under estimated it completely! I thought I would really force myself by putting every single item I own in one folder and then refile them one by one. Easier said than done if you have almost 60k items. And if so many of them are photo’s and you open each one to refile and it takes longer, because of all the memories.

I did however also find clothing items that I didn’t even know I owned. I stumbled across this dress from DECO in my inventory and had to take some time out to show you guys. By the way, it’s three days later and I only have 2k less items and I’m not even half why through that folder!

Queen of My Little world

Queen of My Little world

Dress: **DECO – Mesh M100 (Olive)

Crown: Souzou Eien – Heart Collector

Socks: *League* Gartered Socks – black

Boots: *League* Shin Boots



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