I’ve Finally Done It!

That’s right, I’ve finally done it!
I bought these absolutely amazing Space Invaders pants by [sYs] at the Vintage Fair when it was around. Took me until today to finally get an outfit that
worked with it. Yeah, I know – there are tons of different clothing out there, but none of it really felt right for me. Until now! I was really excited when
this outfit started to come together, because like I said before – I could never get the right look for the pants. So, when I finally got it, I kept it
simple, Black and Green. Still have the shoes from [JP] they really are great shoes, amazing quality and they have Color HUD! Can’t go wrong with that and
the price wasn’t terrible either. The Glasses are also from [JP] also great quality. Which brings me to my first ever CERTIFIED – How a CERTIFIED works is
that if I feel a Designer has gone above and beyond in their quality and over all ease of use, I’ll give them a CERTIFIED. I’m other words…GO BUY FROM
THEM! I can’t forget about the awesome jacket from G O L A and this Cap from 2REAL, which also has a color HUD!
I've done It

I've done It

Hat: 2REAL LayerCap
Glasses: [JP] Shades-Clubmaster
Shirt: G O L A \JacketWithOutShirt
Pants: [sYs] B-Boy pants – Invaders
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: ToXic Khoas Tattoo


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To live and learn and have fun along the way. :D

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