Favorite thing to do when it rains

I grew up in a desert country and of course it never rained much. But ones a year it would pour down for a few hours and the flowers would bloom as if they had plenty of rain all year long. Then suddenly the country would have fields and fields of flowers. It just comes alive!

That’s when you dance bare feet in the rain. As a kid we used to do it every time it rained. We were so happy and jumped, skipped and hopped for hours. It seemed to wash away the dirt, wash away the heat and wash away all your troubles.  The world seemed so much brighter. Most roads were dirt roads, and of course the rain would create rivers in them.. which later develops into “canyons”, which promises to be a lot of fun with our bikes long after the rain is gone.

Then when the rain passes the frogs come out.  There were always a competition between me and my brother who will catch the most frogs. I can’t even remember who normally won, but try catching frogs hopping all over the place all wet and slippery. What a mission. 😀

And that night you go to sleep with the smell of fresh rain in the air and frogs calling and singing out loud competing with the crickets.. nature loving the rain. That is the most peaceful, happy way to drift away into never, never land.

Hair: LoQ Expresso Brown

Top: [Banned] Mesh Hello Kitty Shirt

Pants: *X*Plosion Tropical Mesh Hottie pants and top

Boots: Rainy Kitty Black (forgotten inventory item)

Bangles: [EY:NO] mess bangles

Necklace: :fusion: Feathered charm necklace

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