I’m a Fangirl

Seriously, I had to go search what “fangirl” meant.  Can you tell I’m not 18? Well I’m not middle aged, but when I was 18 it was called “groupies”.  Or maybe it’s just an American term, which I’m not.

I really do love music and a really wide variety. That made it hard to decide what to do with today’s blog. I was thinking to pick a band and blog about it, but it was too hard, there are too many I like, but not one I go crazy about. Then I wondered does fangirl only apply to bands or singers?

So again, I searched and it came up with this: An obsessive female fan (usually of movies, comic books, or science fiction).

Ohh Obsession! Such a negative word. I prefer to change it to “passion” or “admiration”. There are a lot of people in Second Life that I admire. I love their creativity, their passion and skill. But the following three people really inspire me. I love their work, the uniqueness, the detail.  They are Magissa Denver – view her work here, Rubina – view her work here and Strawberry Singh – view her work here.

I guess I’m a fangirl!


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Lola Ghost

To live and learn and have fun along the way. :D

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