Because of a change in RL I am unable to spend as much time in SL as I used too. I have always known that SL is really an addiction, but what about it makes it so addictive? As I had a bored moment at work, I thought about it a little. It must be my friends – interaction with them is always fun. But there were times when I was alone, and still came back every day and still spend every spare minute on SL. Was it the fashion and shopping?

This could be a good reason as I have over 40k inventory items and never dresses in the same outfit twice. Unless I really have no time to decide on an outfit and I know what I look good in. I am constantly searching the fashion blogs for something new, something different. Trying to find a style that I really like and like to stick with. It didn’t take much thought, I am addicted to SL because of the way it makes me feel good and accepted. *Me looks at the watch.. still 8 hours to go before I can log on… shrugs*

Skin: LAQ – Martina – Peach

Hair: Magika – Cinta

Pants: YoPulgo – White Leggins with Cross

Shirt: Erratic – Amy – silk blouse – pink

Earrings: GB – Achilleus group gift

Earrings: Indryra Orginals – Indy&Co Maelle earrings

Nails: Izzie’s – Metallic

Necklace – LEO-NT – Pray for me

Rings: Dark mouse Statement ring

Shoes: N-Core – Caresse Noir Intense

Bracelet – Erratic Twisted Bracelets


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Lola Ghost

To live and learn and have fun along the way. :D

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